About Me

I use the name “tfusion” on the Internet.

I was born in 1989, when China just started to open up its gate towards capitals.It has been quite a privilege to witness the fast growth of China while I grew up. This experience has provided me some ever-lasting inquisitiveness into the obscure reasons and enormous impact of social changes.Part of my time now is still devoted to politics reading, especially the cross-strait China-Taiwan relations.

My hometown is tiny, yet cozy and comfy. Tons of seafood and rice are abundantly harvested, nurturing us Yingkou-ers. Though situated in the northeast, we enjoy much more the Southern European mindset and lifestyle. Definitely, I am proudly one of the them bearing this character.

I am a programmer. Previously I did something on knowledge engineering, which is a no-go for job hunting. The no-go sign might have been too microscopic in my mind until I found it hard to find a decent placement in the industry, after I got my master’s degree years ago. Now I am taking a way back from the aloft NLP and information extraction topics to pragmatic system and application engineering, which I am trying to enjoy as much as possible.

Much having inherited from my family, I am a music enthusiast. I play piano (not that well) and sing baritone. My favorites to practice are the two etudes compilations from Chopin, as well as Josh Groban’s songs. These have brought me much more joy than the troubles from my neighbors’ complaint.

I also paint. I used to be a graphic designer for a long time.

I speak Mandarin as mother tongue. I’ve learned English, German (still trying), some French and Japanese. Language is still a big kill-time for me.

I cook (which has won me a lot of fame). I like nutrition studies and bodybuilding topics as well. 

This blog, based on my plan, should serve as a place for the fun of my private life, like a notebook of thoughts, art works, and maybe more. If you have read until upon here, I really appreciate all of your time. And hope you will enjoy what I enjoy !

tfusion 06/06/16